Front And Back Door Locks

With our range of stock and expertise, we can guarantee a quick turnaround on any work that you may require us to carry out.

We can update, fix or replace any type of lock should that be on the front of your house or a back door. We specialise also in sliding door locks that often get damaged when being slid closed and can become a security issue. Under Lock and Key is available 24/7 for all your home emergencies. Whether you're locked out of your home or broken locks are posing a security risk our home locksmith service is quick and efficient. We can install, repair or replace any front door and back door locks. 

Just call us and we will come in and install them. If you already have them installed, they need regular maintenance. We can do that for you as well.

Our Front and Back Door Locks service includes

  • Lock Repair

  • Lock Replacement

  • Lock Upgrades

  • Lock Assessment

  • Lockouts

  • Changing Locks

Under Lock and Key is available for emergency call outs 24/7

Contact us today to discuss the locks on your front or back door.

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