Multipoint Locks

By far one of the most secure sources of door hardware is Multipoint locks. These locks give your home the added protection from any intruder trying to gain access to your home, with additional locking elements at the top and bottom area of the door.

Our team of locksmiths can install a multipoint lock in a short period of time and have products for Timber or Steel Doors and Aluminium or PVC Doors.
- Ensure your home is protected by calling Under Lock and Key and we will provide a no-obligation, safety audit of your home now.

If you need a replacement lock, we stock all major brands of door hardware, so give us a call on 0879801793

Just call us and we will come in and install them. If you already have them installed, they need regular maintenance. We can do that for you as well.

Contact us today to discuss a Multipoint Lock solution for your home.

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